Becca and Leon
June 30, 2012
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1 Jul 2012 Congratulations Becca & Leon! I'm sorry I missed the celebration, can't wait to see you in Seattle in August! Enjoy your wonderful honeymoon! :) Nicole
19 Jun 2012 Congratulations!! Many blessings to both of you. Looking forward to it! Probie
16 Jun 2012 Best wishes to both of you!!! Looking forward to the wedding..see you on the 30th!! Paul, Terri, Callie & Carson
10 Jun 2012 Best Wishes ... you two look like great couple, looking forward to meeting Becca and welcoming you to our family .Phillip saids hope she likes to Hunt. Koe&Phillip Jessie
3 Jun 2012 What a wonderful looking couple! I wish you much, much, much, much happiness!! Cindy Hammonds
29 May 2012 The days are inching closer. See you soon in INDY. Karlene Karlene
19 May 2012 Can't wait!! Love you both! Maddie
13 May 2012 This google maps feature is really nice! Thanks :) Moe
12 May 2012 Congratulations! Working out the details to get there. It is coming up quick! Terrylee
10 May 2012 Just booked our hotel room! Who knows...maybe I'll even fill out the rsvp card...I'm on a roll! We can't wait!!!! Emily
5 May 2012 Finally, our little Leon has left the nest...or flown the coop...escaped the asylum...whatever... So happy for you both! Looking forward to the 30th! Buzz, Stephanie, Nat
26 Apr 2012 65 Days to go! ! We're all looking forward to the celebration! George, Kate & Harper
24 Apr 2012 Congrats Becca & Leon!! Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding! Jessica Lobo
13 Apr 2012 Congratulations!!!!!!!!!Leon & Becca, Looking forward to getting to know you; AND WELCOME YOU, to our family. Love ya!! Aunt Violet Jean & Uncle Harry
9 Apr 2012 Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Julie Brightwell
5 Apr 2012 cant wait to see leon get married 1st LOL!!!!! will be there! you rock leon and becca loren
21 Mar 2012 So excited for you guys!!! See you soon! love xoxo stephanie, lexi, and scott
20 Mar 2012 Becca! CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!! Sooo excited for you guys :) Mary Dale
1 Mar 2012 B! from now on, I shall refer to "Leon" as "L" together you will be B & L, or L & B. Whichever sounds better.

Congratulations from M & T!
The Mike
16 Feb 2012 You guys rock!!! I can't wait to spend part of your special day with you two!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Shannon Moriarty
10 Feb 2012 Hey guys !!!! This is great!!! I can't wait to finally meet Becca !!!! I (we) are SO excited for the both of you. We look forward to being there and share in your joy and love. Aaron and Carla Hodgson
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